Face Mask Row Ends in Fatal Police Shooting

A police officer in the US state of Michigan shot dead a man suspected of stabbing a customer in a shop, in an altercation over face masks.

Police say the incident began in a convenience store where the suspect, Sean Ruis, attacked a 77-year-old man who had challenged him for not wearing a mask. The elderly man is in hospital and said to be in a stable condition.

Police say Ruis fled the scene in a car. He was later pulled over by a female deputy sheriff, who opened fire when Ruis lunged towards her.

Footage of the confrontation shows the police car stopping a vehicle and the driver, identified as Ruis, advancing on the deputy who shoots him after a brief tussle. Police say Ruis, 43, was carrying a weapon.

It is not the first dispute over face masks to end in tragedy in the US. Earlier in July, a security guard in Gardena, south of Los Angeles, was charged with murder over the shooting of a customer who had entered a shop without a face mask.

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