Dengue in Singapore

Dengue cases have spiked over the past two weeks in Singapore, with 400 cases reported last week, up from 371 cases in the week before that, said the National Environment Agency. The number of weekly cases had been rising since mid-December.

“Singapore has not seen a dengue-3 outbreak in the last three decades. The population immunity for dengue-3 is low and therefore more susceptible to transmission of the virus,” NEA said. 

In December, a new 5 million Singapore dollar mosquito production facility opened to support NEA’s goal of expanding Project Wolbachia, which involves infecting male aedes aegypti mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria, so that when it mates with a female, the eggs will not hatch. Male Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes also do not bite.

This comes after the surge of dengue cases in 2019, with close to 15,000 cases and 20 reported deaths.

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