‘LalaJeeps’ to Support Displaced Jeepney Drivers, Small Businesses

The Quezon City government has partnered with on-demand delivery app Lalamove to launch “LalaJeep.” 

The service aims to both cater to local residents of Quezon City with transport needs and benefit drivers of public utility jeepneys in the locality who have lost their livelihoods during the community quarantine that has lasted for over three months.

Mayor Joy Belmonte said, “Since our jeepney drivers are directly affected by the continuing community quarantine, this LalaJeep program is a welcome initiative that will provide alternative livelihood for them. We are grateful to Lalamove for piloting this program in Quezon City.”

Lalajeeps are said to be able to carry as much as 600 kilograms of items at a starting fare of just 200 pesos.

Aside from accepting displaced public utility jeepney drivers, the service is intended to offer a “more affordable option” for small and medium business owners heavily reliant on the delivery of goods.

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