Dating Website Removes Option to Ask Users to Specify Skin Tone

Matchmaking website has removed its skin tone filter after an online backlash.

It started with Shaadi user Meghan Nagpal from Toronto. The site asked users to indicate the color of their skin as either “fair,” “wheatish,” and “dark” and allowed users to search for potential partners based on their skin color.

She was told by a representative that the filter “is required by most parents.” The word shaadi means marriage in Hindi and the website is the largest dating site catering to the global Indian community, replacing the role of a traditional matchmaker.

She posted the company’s response on Facebook, and Hetal Lakhani from Dallas created a petition to remove the color filter.

Blogger Roshni Patel saw the petition. She shared it with her 80,000 followers and also tweeted It was her tweet that the company responded to, saying the filter was a “blindspot” and that it had been removed.

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