MRT-3 to Suspend Weekend Operations From July to September

Operations of the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 will be suspended during four weekends of July to September for rail replacement works.

The MRT-3 suspensions will happen on July 4 and 5, August 8 and 9, August 21 to 23, and September 12 and 13, the Department of Transportation announced.

The DOTr said this will allow the MRT-3 service provider, Sumitomo-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, to conduct works for the trains, electrical systems and other subsystems.

Rail replacement works to be done include track turnout repairs at Taft Avenue and North Avenue stations. Turnouts are used to enable trains to switch from one track to another.

The DOTr said the government will implement a bus augmentation program to accommodate passengers of the MRT-3.

Train operating speed will then gradually increase from 40 to 60 kilometers per hour by December. The interval between trains will also decrease to 3.5 minutes from 8.5 minutes.

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