Proper Way to Create Solution to Kill COVID-19

In order to effectively clean your home and stay safe, it’s important to know how to create a bleach or cleaning solution to kill COVID-19.

To properly clean, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends cleaning off any dirt, dust, or debris on surfaces before moving on to disinfecting.

To disinfect, the agency recommends making a diluted bleach solution. To do so, first follow all manufacturer instructions. Then, prepare a bleach solution using one-third cup of bleach per gallon of room temperature water or four teaspoons bleach per quart of room temperature water. The solution will be effective for disinfection up to 24 hours, according to the CDC.

While cleaning, ensure a “contact time of at least one minute, and allowing proper ventilation during and after application,” the CDC says. And of course, “never mix household bleach with ammonia or any other cleanser.”

Still unsure? Check out the CDC’s guidelines on their website.

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