SC Reinstates Dismissal of RVTM Cameraman

The Supreme Court reinstated the dismissal of a government cameraman over a misconduct case for his unsolicited touching of his colleague’s knee.

The SC Second Division reinstated the Civil Service Commission’s earlier ruling that upheld the dismissal from service and disqualification from reemployment in government of a Radio Television Malacañang cameraman.

The case stemmed from an administrative complaint filed by an employee of RTVM who said she was sitting on a sofa when the cameraman sat beside her and “tickled her right knee much to her shock and humiliation.”

A fact-finding committee was formed to look into the incident and found the cameraman guilty of misconduct, which was his second offense, and was dismissed from service.

In reinstating the ruling on the cameraman’s dismissal, the SC held: “Unsolicited physical contact, even if done in jest, has no place in the workplace, especially in government service.”

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