Rescued Animals FB Group Helps Rice Cake Vendor

A Facebook page for stray and rescued animals is going the extra mile in helping a “puto” or rice cake vendor in Consolacion town, northern Cebu take care of her pet dog.

Hope for Strays, set up by couple Gea Ybarita and Kevin Biera, with their friend Christine Maiki, in June last year aims to help stray animals by doing food drives and treating animals with the help of donations from netizens and friends.

Ybarita said netizens were quick to help in their advocacy. In fact, PAWssion Project of PAWS PH has been helping them feed street dogs and cats in Cebu.

The group is extending help to a puto vendor, Natividad Hastia or Nanay Natie, 63, who lives alone in her small house with five dogs, some puppies, and cats.

Upon learning of Nanay Natie’s situation and her passion to take care of her animals despite her lack of finances, Hope for Strays stepped in and started an online donation campaign to help Nanay Natie with groceries and pet food.

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