CIA Cyber Weapons Stolen Due to ‘Lax Security’ According to Internal Report

The largest data theft in the history of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency happened because a specialized unit within the agency was so focused on building cyber weapons that an employee took advantage of “woefully lax” security and gave secret hacking tools to WikiLeaks, a report released last Tuesday said.

The hacking tools stolen in 2016 came from its clandestine Center for Cyber Intelligence. The amount of data stolen is unknown, but could be as much as 34 terabytes of data — the equivalent of 2.2 billion pages of text.

The theft was revealed in March 2017, when WikiLeaks published what it claimed was the largest trove of CIA documents, detailing some of the agency’s sophisticated cyber weapons, first reported by the Washington Post.

The task force which reviewed the incident reported, “We failed to [act] in a coordinated fashion on warning signs that a [person] with access to CIA classified information posed an unacceptable risk to national security.”

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