Paid Study Rooms Regain Momentum in China

In 2019, paid study rooms were believed by many to be the next big business opportunity in China.

Although many closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a few paid study rooms have been reopening under strict protective measures.

A typical paid study room is usually divided into many small partitions with tables and chairs, and each partition can be rented for a few yuan per hour. Some include free drinks such as tea or coffee.

While public libraries are always packed with people and coffee shops are pricey and noisy, paid study rooms grasped the surging demand for quiet, accessible but inexpensive studying spaces for students and urban white-collar workers in China.

This idea for a business first appeared in South Korea and Japan, before a popular Korean TV series “Reply 1988” brought it to China.

Frequent customers believe the atmosphere helps with studying and retaining information, and it is also an opportunity to meet people.

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