Filipino Cadet Finishes Nuclear Engineering From America’s West Point

A Filipino cadet from Mindanao earned a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering on June 13 from the US Military Academy.

Jesson Cawaing Peñaflor, a 24-year-old Bukidnon native, was among the 1,107 members of West Point’s Class of 2020 who marched on the parade field during their graduation.

Peñaflor joined the Philippine Military Academy in 2015. He was the only one from his batch who got an opportunity to go to West Point when he was chosen for the Foreign Service Academy program.

As one of the US cadets, Peñaflor got stipends and free tuition, uniforms, accommodations and flight tickets. He started schooling in New York in June 2016.

After he finished his stint in the US Army, Peñaflor is heading back to the Philippines. He looks forward to either branching into infantry and joining the country’s First Scout Rangers Regiment or the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear unit of the Philippine Army.

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