Spanish Archaeologist Sentenced to Two Years in Prison For Faking Finds

A Spanish archaeologist was sentenced to over two years in prison and fined 14,000 dollars for forging some of his famous findings.

Eliseo Gil, the former director of excavations at a Roman archaeological site, was handed a prison sentence and fined for having “manipulated” writings considered historical at the time, either by himself or “through third persons.”

In 2005, Gil announced his team found pieces of clay at the site in Spain’s Basque Country. He said the artifacts dated back to the third century and contained Egyptian hieroglyphic references, representations of the crucifixion and signs of the Basque language.

The discovery was considered revolutionary, and was thought to show the first written example of the Basque language, 800 years earlier than previous examples.

But two years later, a committee of linguistics, ancient history, archeology, chemistry and philology experts deemed the discovery to be a fake.

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