Former London Mayor Says UK Brought Racism to U.S.

Ken Livingstone, the former mayor of London, said the UK should remember it was responsible for bringing slavery and the racism that accompanied it to the U.S.

He was speaking amid a wave of protests about racial inequalities beginning in the U.S. city of Minneapolis before crossing to Europe. 

As the national and local governments review historical monuments, he urged Britons to be mindful of their country’s global role in enslaving millions. 

Livingstone said, “The appalling thing about all this now, because this has become a global movement with protests all over the world: Britain helped create the United States of America. It was our colony. We imported millions of slaves that we kidnapped from Africa. Britain created that environment of racism in America.” 

Livingstone shared his successor as mayor, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and his government must be pushed to “make the changes we need to make now to tackle the racism of our past.”

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