165 Inmates Granted Parole Under Relaxed Guidelines

Over 150 inmates were released on parole since the Department of Justice relaxed guidelines for application during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his latest report to the Congress, President Duterte said that as of June 3, the Board of Pardons and Parole received 984 applications and 165 persons deprived of liberty have been granted parole.

There are also 21 PDLs recommended to be granted conditional pardon without parole conditions and 24 inmates with parole conditions.

There are also 46 PDLs who received commendation for the commutation of their sentences.

The President also said 454 parole applications have been deferred pending verification from the National Bureau of Investigation.

The guidelines do not cover convicts of heinous or illegal drugs-related crimes, or those classified by the Bureau of Corrections as high-risk. It took effect on May 15, and will continue to be effective while the state of national emergency is in place.

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