Trump Rejects Calls To Drop Confederate Base Names

US President Donald Trump says he will “not even consider” renaming military bases named for Confederate generals.

He tweeted that the facilities were part of “a Great American heritage, a history of Winning, Victory and Freedom.”

Mr. Trump’s remarks follow reports that top military officials were open to changes amid nationwide soul-searching after the death of George Floyd. For many, symbols of the Confederacy – the slaveholding southern states that seceded, prompting the American Civil War – evoke a racist past.

The White House said the possibility of renaming those bases was “an absolute non-starter” for Mr. Trump as he would not sign any legislation Congress might ever pass requiring such name changes.

Last week, the US Marine Corps issued an order for commanders to “identify and remove the display of the Confederate battle flag or its depiction within workplaces, common-access areas and public areas on their installations”.

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