Milan Transforms Post-Pandemic

The Italian city of Milan is launching a project called ‘Open Roads’.

The city will soon benefit from an increase in the number of bicycle routes and pedestrian roads: a transformation inspired by the impact of COVID-19. Amid the pandemic, car traffic was reduced 75 percent with positive environmental side-effects.

Milan’s Deputy Mayor Marco Granelli said they analyzed the pollution data, which showed “a sharp two-thirds decrease in…pollutants produced mainly by cars.”

He adds that before the pandemic hit, over one million traveled daily on the subway, but with social distancing, that figure is bound to decrease.

Granelli said, “We must therefore think of ways of moving that are sustainable in terms of the virus but also…for traffic and the environment, that is the challenge.”

To solve this issue, roads will be widened for pedestrians and cyclists. The aim is to build 35 kilometers of cycle paths by the end of the year.

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