Pokémon Go Announces Changes to Support At-Home Play

Mobile app Pokémon Go has been reinventing itself to cope with COVID-19 conditions. When it launched in 2016, Pokémon Go had to prevent players from spoofing their location by artificial means — playing from home while whizzing from place to place in the game.

Now, game studio Niantic is re-orienting the popular mobile app to help players stay where they are and stay involved in the game, per a March 23 announcement.

A triple bonus for a first Pokémon catch, which can take place in the home, an increase on daily gifting allowance to 30, and a rotating selection of inexpensive one PokéCoin bundles encourage and reward players for treating Pokémon Go as a standard mobile game.

In addition, Niantic is canceling a group activity, the Lugia Raid, that would have run March 24 to 31. Perhaps controversially, given the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event had previously been extended rather than outright canceled.

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