Update: COVID-19 in Spain

Spain has been locked down and in a state of emergency since March 13. The period was initially expected to last 15 days, but Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the state of emergency could be extended for another 14 days. 

Emergency hospitals have been set up across the country, while residents have been ordered to stay indoors apart from essential trips, and normally busy streets are deserted. 

A new government order has come into effect, ordering senior citizens homes to inform the government if they have any deceased people that they are unable to move out of the residence. 

The order appeared to be issued in reaction to media reports that quoted the country’s defense minister as saying a home for the elderly was found to have bodies that weren’t being moved out. 

Madrid is one of the epicenters of the epidemic in Spain. The Madrid region president said the city expects 80% of its population to get Covid-19, although with “mild symptoms.”

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