Jakarta Residents Trade Plastic Waste for Money

Residents of Jakarta are slowly changing their recycling habits by using a newly developed app that offers a practical solution to waste management.  

E-Recycle allows Indonesians to drop their waste into a recycling facility while getting rewarded with cash or shopping vouchers, depending on the weight of the waste. For now, the company only accepts plastic bottles, glass bottles, bottle caps and other single-use plastic items.  

Jakarta produces 7,000 tons of waste per day. Indonesia produces more than 60 million tons of plastic each year, three million of which ends up in the ocean.  

The app’s founder, Dicky Wiratama, saw a gap in the recycling distribution chain.  The company’s goal could be a crucial step in Indonesia’s fight to go green. 

Jakarta’s landfill is already reaching its maximum capacity with 50 million tons of waste. The city’s administration says it simply cannot take anymore waste, and they plan to close the facility by 2021.

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