QC Crematorium Rehearses Procedures for COVID-19 Deaths

Employees of a crematorium in Quezon City were taught to wear personal protective equipment in preparation for the management of novel coronavirus disease fatalities.

According to a television report, only indigent COVID-19 patients and persons under investigation would be cremated in the city-owned Baesa Crematorium.

The extra protective gear was not expected to hamper procedures as the bodies would not be embalmed. Based on protocols, the body would be covered and sanitized. Cremation would take place within 12 hours after death.

Rolly Cruz, the Quezon City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit chief, said bodies of those who die from infectious disease in the Philippines must be cremated or buried right away.

Quezon City Civil Registrar Salvador Carino Jr. added they will follow the “protocol set by the Department of Health.” As these will be cases of a contagious disease, proper handling needs to be followed.

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