Nearly Extinct Rhino Population Finally Increased

Good news! After nearing extinction, the numbers of the African black rhinoceros are finally increasing. Due to persistent conservation efforts, the number of these critically endangered species grew across Africa from 4,845 in 2012 to 5,630 in 2018 – and is expected to further increase in the next five years. 

While a 2.5-percent annual increase may not seem large, Dr. Andrew Terry, director of conservation and policy at the Zoological Society of London, lauded it as “a great achievement, given the scale of the challenge.” 

Figures show saving a species from extinction is no easy feat. According to Save the Rhino Foundation, in the last decade alone, over 8,000 rhinos were poached. In 2015, the deaths peaked at an average of 3.7 rhinos daily. 

In 2018, however, the fatalities declined to about 892 rhinos. While the number continues to fall, Save the Rhino Foundation still estimates one rhino dying at the hands of a poacher every 10 hours.

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