Trump Receives Backlash Over Racist Remarks

Coronavirus-related discrimination toward the Chinese and Asian Americans is escalating in the U.S. after President Donald Trump repeatedly referred to COVID-19 as “Chinese virus.” His words prompted massive backlash from the public, politicians and health professionals who said the virus has no nationality; and racism and xenophobia are not acceptable.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also denounced the term, saying that “these bigoted statements which spread misinformation and blame Asians and the Asian American community” for the pandemic “make us all less safe.”

Former vice president and front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination Joe Biden blasted Trump’s racist remarks and urged the government to take responsibility instead of finding excuses.

The World Health Organization announced the official name COVID-19 for the pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus on February 11 so as to avoid stigmatizing a country or particular group.

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