San Miguel Revives Nutribun for COVID-19 Relief Drive

San Miguel Corporation said Thursday it was reviving the vitamin-enriched Nutribun bread for distribution to communities that are unable to access food due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Each Nutribun packs 250 calories and will provide “safe, sufficient and nutritious food for the hardest-hit families,” said San Miguel President and COO Ramon Ang. 

Ang said the company will “continue to step up and find creative ways to help the neediest and most vulnerable. Panic will not solve anything. We have the means, we just have to work together to win this battle.” 

Nutribuns were popular in the 1970s, during which the breads were distributed to school children. 

Ang said San Miguel continues to deliver canned food, coffee and biscuits to checkpoints, hospitals and local government units. Communities and hospitals in Metro Manila with the highest number of COVID-19 infections will be prioritized.

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