Chinese Students Scramble for Flights Home from UK

Chinese students are scrambling to get home from the United Kingdom, as the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak has shifted from China to Europe, where infections continue to spike.

The government decided on Sunday night to impose a two-week home quarantine, which takes effect from Thursday, for arrivals from the UK and the US, two of the most popular locations for overseas Chinese students. Tens of thousands flock to airports in the three-day window period.

Students in Britain told China Daily they are terrified that the British government might adopt the contentious “herd immunity” strategy. The theory is to build up immunity by allowing 60 percent of its population to become infected by the deadly virus.

One student was very excited after getting a seat on a flight home for 4,250 dollars, three times the seasonal average. She was warned “it’s too early to be happy” as some flights are cancelled at the last minute.

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