China Tightens Regulations on Health Checks for Foreign Arrivals

China has tightened regulations on health checks for foreign arrivals to the country. Passengers found to be uncooperative with customs during entry, including hiding or forging information about their health and rejecting related quarantine measures, might be convicted or punished for impeding frontier health and quarantine, read a joint statement issued by five national departments.

Multiple cities and provinces, including Beijing and Shanghai, have announced a 14-day quarantine for people landing from overseas. Beijing officials said that all international travelers will be quarantined in a “central isolated place” at their own expense. 

Fourteen people passed away on Sunday, bringing the total deaths of the pandemic in China to 3,213. All 14 died in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak.

As of Sunday, there were 148 infected cases from Hong Kong, 10 from Macao, and 59 from Taiwan.

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