Moscow says 27 Russian more diplomats due to leave US in January

Russia’s ambassador to the United States said that 27 more diplomats and their families were expelled from the United States and would leave on January 30, and that they are facing a serious staff shortage.

Russia has previously said that over 100 of its diplomats with families had been forced to leave the country since 2016 when the relationship between the two countries worsened.

President Joe Biden’s administration said last month that the staff of the US mission in Russia had shrunk to 120 from 1,200 in early 2017 after a series of expulsions and restrictions, and it was difficult to continue with anything other than a caretaker presence at the embassy.

The US Embassy in Moscow stopped processing non-diplomatic visas this year and added Russians to a list of “homeless nationals” who can apply for visas in third countries.

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