Filipina Chemist Makes Disinfectant to Give Away for Free

With many Filipinos now struggling to find disinfectants due to COVID-19, a licensed chemist from Quezon City started making ethyl alcohol at home to give away for free to those in need.

Chemist Meg Sy wrote in a now-viral Facebook post shared 3,000 times that her act of generosity was born out of dismay at the current situation. She said she was “heartbroken as to how selfish other people could be.” 

Sy said that her disinfectant will be given away to families with elderly members, infants, or relatives with auto-immune diseases who have been unable to buy alcohol.

In order for 100 people to benefit, Sy will give out 250mL per person. The alcohol is expensive to make so she only bought a limited number of stock.

In a follow-up post that appeared a day later, Sy wrote that she had been able to give alcohol to complete strangers, and thanked netizens for their “overflowing support and love.”

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