Online Education Booms Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

Online education is one of the changes brought about in China by the COVID-19 epidemic, with many preferring to do things online rather than in the physical classroom. China now has more than 300 million users of online classes.

The market size could surpass 64 billion dollars by the end of this year, according to iiMedia. But many analysts are now revising up earlier estimates of growth for this sector because the epidemic has accelerated the trend.

Education companies have been racing to launch e-classes, especially K12 courses, due to school closures resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak. One school designed a week’s curriculum from grade 1 to 12 within two days and prepped for an influx of users.

But launching online courses will not lift revenues in the short term. Businesses are hoping to gain customers by offering free online content. Instead of bringing people to learning, it brings learning to people.

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