Quezon City project taps open spaces as food source

The United Nations released the first comprehensive report on food insecurity and nutrition since the start of the pandemic, showing hunger and malnutrition in the world increased from 8.4 percent in 2019 to 10 percent in 2020. COVID-19 was a significant cause of this increase.

Quezon City, the largest city in the Philippines, was hit hard. During a discussion on policies and strategies for COVID-19 recovery organized by the UN, Mayor Joy Belmonte shared the difficulties Quezon City faced.

Upon declaration of the hard lockdowns, LGUs had to provide relief via food and cash to residents which affected the city’s resources and stockpile. Quezon City, through Mayor Belmonte aimed to become more self-reliant, by establishing urban gardens and farms with Grow QC.

Belmonte shared, “We now have 166 sites in different areas across the city that serve as a source of nutrition and comfort and mental relief for many of our underprivileged.”

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