COVID-19 delta variant poses greatest danger in countries with sparse vaccinations

The COVID-19 delta variant poses the most danger in countries where vaccinations are sparse.

Africa is seeing cases rise faster than ever before, partially driven by the mutation, the World Health Organization said, while areas in Bangladesh that border India are also seeing a variant-fueled surge.

Fiji, which had just two deaths in the first year of the pandemic, is now experiencing a significant outbreak blamed on the strain, and Afghanistan is desperately seeking oxygen supplies because of it.

The delta variant remains far from the only version of the coronavirus that’s spreading – and you don’t want to catch any kind.

Scientists believe the delta variant is 50 percent more transmissible than other types. Researchers are just beginning to find out why. But there are early clues some mutations may ease a key step in how the virus slips inside human cells, said Priyamvada Acharya, a structural biologist at the Duke Human Vaccine Institute.

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