Spain’s tourism boost

An estimated 1.36 million foreign tourists visited Spain in May of this year, a stark contrast to the same period last year when no tourists were allowed in because of a coronavirus disease lockdown.

The travelers boosted the economy by spending 1.64 billion dollars but that was still 83 percent less than the amount vacationers parted with in the same month in 2019.

The country recently announced tourists from the United Kingdom will have to show either a negative test or proof of vaccination before traveling to Spain’s Balearic Islands.

Meanwhile, in Austria, any service establishment, whether bar, restaurant, hairdresser or theater, may only be visited with a certificate which must prove that the customer is either vaccinated, recovered or freshly tested.

Those without this paperwork will be turned away from public places and business establishments.

Capacity limits have been lifted. Only nightclubs retain a limit of 75 percent.

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