Zubiri Tests Positive for COVID-19

Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri announced Monday night that he was positive for COVID-19, but he remains asymptomatic. He took the test last Friday while on self-quarantine, and received a call from Health Secretary Francisco Duque on the results.

He said his decision to self-quarantine last Wednesday evening after the Senate session was “the best decision I made and could have protected my family from contamination.”

As one of those in the Senate who espoused and advocated stronger government response on controlling COVID-19, he said he was “very careful” in his dealings with people at work.

Zubiri said he “practiced social distancing as well as a no handshake policy” but still got contaminated. He still does not know how he got infected with the novel coronavirus.

Zubiri added that “this just goes to show how easily this virus is spread and therefore it is best for everyone to stay home and stay clean.”

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