Delta variant spreading through Asia

Japan reported the Delta variant now accounts for a third of all cases in the eastern part of the country, including Tokyo, and that could grow to 50% by mid-July.

Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures are among areas under a ‘quasi’ state of emergency until July 11 and the recent uptick in infections has officials leaning towards keeping restrictions in place, government sources said.

Tokyo’s governor reiterated that a ban on spectators for the Olympic Games, which start on July 23, would be an option if the coronavirus situation worsened.

In South Korea, officials said daily coronavirus cases topped 800, the highest in nearly six months, with vaccination below 10%. The average number of new infections in the country has risen for 10 days straight, and authorities have delayed relaxing social distancing measures.

Indonesia, the world’s fourth-most populous country, imposed emergency measures until July 20 to contain a spike in cases.

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