Afghan officials say U.S., NATO forces leave Bagram base

All U.S. and NATO troops have left the biggest air base in Afghanistan, officials said Friday, signalling the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from the country was imminent after two decades of war.

Defence ministry spokesman Fawad Aman said in a tweet, “The American and coalition forces have completely withdrawn from the base and henceforth the Afghan army forces will protect it and use it to combat terrorism.”

A U.S. defense official, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, also confirmed the withdrawal of the American troops from their main military base.

The U.S. military has coordinated its air war and logistical support for its Afghan mission from the Bagram air base, about 60 kilometers north of Kabul, and the withdrawal of the forces symbolizes the end of the U.S. military involvement in the country.

The base is being handed over to the Afghan government as its armed forces face a surging war with the Taliban.

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