Becoming a ‘digital nomad’: Next for working from home?

A view from a beach hammock, poolside chair or coffee table, complete with a laptop. This is the popular image of what it’s like to be a “digital nomad” – the technology-equipped, globetrotting millennial freelancer. For many office workers, working remotely at picturesque locations is no longer a distant dream.

Gui Chuanjun, who learned about the digital-nomad way of life through overseas bloggers, said, “I would rent a villa in Chiang Mai, Thailand and live there for a month.”

Now working from home half the time, the 32-year-old tech worker in east China is talking about working remotely in Thailand as a real plan, as his white-collar income would go a long way.

In April, Gui created the first online community for digital nomads in China. As the website’s users grew by hundreds in the last two months, Gui met many like-minded young people – tech industry employees working from home, but itching to venture far.

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