First quarantine-free tourists arrive in Phuket under Sandbox scheme

International tourists were welcomed at the Thai island of Phuket without the need to quarantine, in an experiment to see if travel can return to normal as the world learns to live with COVID-19.

Thailand wants to attract up to 100,000 people to the island between July and September in a project called the “Phuket Sandbox.” The hope is no infections occur – but if they do, they will be contained inside the island by the sea all around.

In an effort to keep the virus at bay, security will be strict. Everyone will be required to install a tracking app on their smartphones or wear an electronic bracelet. These will emit a signal that will display on a digital map at a command center.

Each tourist’s location will be depicted by a yellow dot. After two weeks, if they remain uninfected, the dot changes to green and they will be free to leave the island and travel anywhere within Thailand.

The first flight had passengers from Europe and the Middle East.

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