Chinese man embarks on four-month sail around Arctic Ocean without pit stops

Circumnavigating around the Arctic Ocean for 116 days; about 15,000 nautical miles; and above all, without pit stops. This is the goal of Chinese Captain Zhai Mo and his two crew members, who set sail for the coldest ocean from Shanghai on June 30.

If successful, Zhai and his team will be the first to complete such a mission.

He shared, “We have to time our arrival properly, for example, at the Bering Strait, because if the ice hasn’t melted, it will be a waste of our food and water resources. We have to catch that window.”

Zhai, 52, from east China’s coastal Shandong Province is a painter-turned-sailor.

His sailing interest and journey began 21 years ago in 2000, and he’s best known as the first Chinese to have completed a solo sail around the globe in an un-powered boat in 2009.

This trip will be an arduous one. They have covers for the boat and clothes ready to guard them against the cold, and axes to help chop the ice if needed.

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