U.S. private sector pushes for vaccinations

Some 99 percent of the 27,000 deaths in the US since May have been among the unvaccinated.

Gregory Poland, a professor of medicine and infectious diseases at the Mayo Clinic, said, “In the US, we have 10 to 20 million people who are immunosuppressed. Do we allow them to remain at risk?”

The answer for Georgetown global health law professor Lawrence Gostin is a resounding “no.”

Gostin anticipates businesses and universities enacting mandates would face a flood of lawsuits but would ultimately win, because of a favorable legal landscape.

Over 500 colleges and universities already took the step, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. So too has the city of San Francisco for its municipal employees, financial firms including Morgan Stanley, and a Houston hospital which won a lawsuit against employees opposed to the measure.

Sports venues and musical performances are likewise asking patrons for proof of vaccination.

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