Catriona Gray gives tips for lookalike Olivia Rodrigo if she joins Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray shared tips for lookalike Olivia Rodrigo should the international singer decides to join Miss Universe someday.

At her recent virtual press conference for her single “R.Y.F.,” Catriona said Olivia should invest time and effort if she wants to become a beauty queen.

She shared, “[With] regards to Miss Universe…you need to be invested in it. It’s not something on a whim lang. It requires so much dedication, requires a lot of training and preparation so, if she wants it too, why not?”

Catriona also said that she wanted to collaborate with Olivia. The Filipino-Australian beauty queen admitted that she’s “fangirling” over Olivia too and so happy to see Olivia’s video fangirling on her.

She said, “It’s super cool to see her talking about me and then she even mentions my music pa!”

Apart from Olivia, Catriona said she wanted to collaborate with her co-artists under Cornerstone such as Jaya, KZ and Moira.

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