Kennon Road rehab project moves forward

The government is committed to the rehabilitation of Kennon Road as part of efforts to boost tourism in Baguio City.

The Department of Public Works and Highways is conducting a general perception survey for the rehabilitation, reconstruction, improvement, operation and maintenance of the Kennon Road project.

The rehabilitation of the 115-year-old Kennon Road involves upgrading and improving the landslide-prone sections of the road with a length of 34 kilometers.

It aims to prevent and mitigate the road slope disasters that frequently occur along Kennon Road such as rock slope collapse, road slip and river erosion.

The rehabilitation process will include existing bridges in deteriorating conditions to increase the road’s load limit and to ensure its structural integrity.

Rehabilitation of the road will cut travel time and expand the tourism industry in Baguio City, as well as remote communities that can be reached via Kennon Road.

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