Shocking food waste in the United Kingdom

Helen White is a special adviser on household food waste for UK charity Waste and Resources Action Program, which partnered with the United Nations Environment Program to write the Food Index Report.

Even she found herself “shocked by the amount of food waste that it revealed globally. Previously food waste had been a problem for developed countries, it was a ‘rich problem,’ and actually the reporters found it everywhere they looked.”

She revealed, “The most wasted food item in the UK is the humble potato, [wasting] 710,000 tons of them a year” – that’s almost 11 kilograms for every man, woman and child in the country.

She added, “The number two most wasted item is the standard loaf – we waste around 20 million slices a day.”

The daily wastage numbers are staggering: 3.1 million glasses of milk, 2.2 million slices of ham, 1.2 million tomatoes, 900,000 bananas and 720,000 oranges, tossed aside every single day.

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