In The Heights takes a look at the American dream

In The Heights, the Tony Award-winning musical turned motion picture, looks at the American dream. This is an early work by Hamilton sensation Lin Manuel Miranda, directed by Jon M. Chu of Crazy Rich Asians fame. It focuses on Latino immigrants who remain hopeful even if their dreams are becoming elusive.

Usnavi de la Vega’s father was so caught up in the American dream he named his son after a U.S. Navy ship. That was part of the preparation for the time when his family would leave the Dominican Republic to build a better life in the new world.

Usnavi grew up in Washington Heights in New York City or simply the Heights. He’s now American and has a bodega where the neighborhood comes to buy their needs. But like everybody around him, he still has to find that paradise where he would be happy as he has fulfilled his dream.

It is such a joy, an exuberant expression of hope to get lost in during this difficult time.

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