‘Stop this nonsense’: Qatar Airways boss speaks out on cheap plane tickets

The CEO of Qatar Airways has slammed super-low-price plane tickets – saying the knock-on effect is unsustainable for the industry.

He said: “Airlines have to get real and stop this nonsense of 10 pound…tickets.”

Speaking at the Paris Air Forum, the airline chief said he wants the cut-price tickets offered by budget airlines to stop so companies can “charge adequately in order to sustain themselves.”

The event was set up in 2014 to host debates, conferences and speeches involving the major decision-makers and experts in the aerospace sector. It would normally look at new technologies and new aircraft, airport expansions and green policies, but this year almost all the focus was on how to claw back the lost revenue and passengers after 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Domestic and international airports have been affected by the crisis. Airlines across the world had to ground their fleets, turning airports into giant plane parking lots.

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