China’s Imported COVID-19 Cases Now Exceed New Local Infections

The number of newly confirmed novel coronavirus cases imported to the Chinese mainland from overseas has surpassed that of locally transmitted new infections for the third day, official data has revealed. Local authorities said curbing the “imported” infections is the “top priority” for them at this point.

According to the National Health Commission, a total of 16 new cases were confirmed on Sunday, with 12 being foreign arrivals diagnosed in China. 

Beijing is now stepping up law enforcement to contain imported cases as many people rush back from virus-hit countries. Currently, there are 120,000 daily border entries since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic last week, according to data released by the National Immigration Administration.

The deadly virus, first found in central China’s Hubei Province, has slowed in China, while its spread in the rest of the world has picked up speed.

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