White House, lawmakers strike $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal

U.S. President Joe Biden announced a deal has been reached with a bipartisan group of senators to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

The president sat down with the senators to cap weeks of tense negotiations, where Democrats and Republicans have squared off over the size and scope of the funding.

The 1.2 trillion dollar framework includes 579 billion dollars in new spending on major investments in the U.S.

The eight-year proposal contains 109 billion dollars for roads, bridges and major projects; 73 billion dollars for power infrastructure; 66 billion dollars for passenger and freight rail; 65 billion dollars for broadband access; 49 billion dollars for public transit; and 25 billion dollars for airports, according to a White House statement.

However, negotiations on infrastructure are not over as Biden’s Democratic party is pressing for significant spending on a “human infrastructure” package expected to be considered in parallel legislation.

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