Tokyo 2020 organizers ban alcoholic beverages at venues

All kinds of consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited at all venues of the Tokyo Olympics, the Organizing Committee of the games announced.

The request was included in the safety guidelines for ticket holders released by the organizers, along with banning of loud cheering, giving high-fives and towel waving.

The president of the organizing committee said, “Realizing a safe and secure games is what the organizing committee wants the most, and we are responsible for making that happen. If the Japanese people have even a slight sense of worry, then we must give up.”

The organizers were previously considering allowing alcohol sales at venues with certain restrictions, but public criticism made them drop the idea. The chief secretary of the cabinet said it’s “very important” for organizers to take public opinion into consideration.

On the day of the announcement, 619 cases of COVID-9 were reported in Tokyo – the most in a month.

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