There’s a massive plague of mice descending on Australia right now

There’s a massive, destructive months-long plague of what is normally considered as a house rodent descending on the land down under at this moment. The swarms of mice are destroying animal feed and grain harvests across great tracks of land on the Australian continent.

They’ve taken up residence in the walls of barns and homes, even biting people in their beds as they sleep.

The massive infestation has cost millions in damages and has even overrun a correctional facility, forcing an evacuation of the prisoners.

Massive swaths of land are being overrun by an infestation of millions of tiny rodents in New South Wales.

Desperate, the state government has ordered 1,320 gallons of the banned poison Bromadiolone from India, which has not yet been approved by the federal government for emergency use.

Activists are concerned the pesticide is not humane and will kill not only the mice but also people’s pets and the animals that prey on them.

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