India overcomes COVID surge, and people are acting ‘as if nothing happened’

Delhi, an Indian megacity of 20 million people, saw horrendous scenes in April and May when coronavirus cases went through the roof, as they did across the country.

Crematoriums burned bodies day and night, as gasping patients died outside hospitals, unable to get beds, oxygen and drugs.

The surge was blamed on new virus variants and the government allowing religious festivals, state elections and crowds at cricket matches.

Now, the surge is over and authorities are loosening lockdowns, letting people work and shop again. In Delhi now, there are no funerals for COVID-19 victims, down from 700 a day during the recent peak.

The medical director at Max Healthcare said he was surprised at people’s short memories.

He shared, “People are just behaving as if nothing happened just about two, three weeks back.”

But while this will likely lead to a sharp rise in cases, for a new “explosion” a new virus variant would have to take hold, he said.

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