Belmonte welcomes EDSA U-turn slot reopening

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte welcomed the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s reopening of a U-turn slot along EDSA near Balintawak.

Belmonte said, “We would like to thank MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos for reopening the U-turn slot near Dario Bridge. This will help ease congestion in the area and speed up travel time.”

Last year, MMDA rejected the request to reopen the U-turn slot, closed to give way to the EDSA bus system.

Abalos overturned the decision, citing studies on traffic flow showing that reopening the U-turn slot would improve the movement of vehicles and reduce travel time in the area.

Belmonte directed the city’s task force on transport and traffic management to deploy enforcers to assist MMDA personnel in manning area traffic.

She also welcomed Abalos’ request to the MRT-LRT common station private contractor to move back fences in their work area to open more lanes for motorists.

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