Saving oceans one click at a time: Search engine lets users recover sea-bound plastic

In the quest to help sustain the environment, an advocate of zero-waste lifestyle raised awareness about a search engine that helps users save oceans from plastic pollution.

A member of an online eco-friendly community called “Buhay Zero-Waste” on Facebook shared that she discovered OceanHero in response to a post talking about environment-friendly search engines.

The original post encouraged community members to use Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees for every query that its user makes on its page.

The Facebook user of the post wrote, “I really hope na nagpalit na kayo ng search engine niyo… if not, read this article.”

She also posted a link to an article reporting about the initiative “repopulating Philippine forests.”

Another Facebook user commented she has been using Ecosia “for a year” already.

Another shared she has Ecosia installed in her Google Chrome while OceanHero is the one she uses in her Microsoft Edge browser.

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